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Wall Mounts and Concealed Cables

Riverina Antennas are professional when it comes to the wall mounting of LCD/LED/Plasma TVs of any size. With our expertise in this area we are able provide you with the latest technology and creative solutions to meet the specific needs of your home or business.

Wall mounting your TV screen is going to be as satisfying for us as it will be for you. Through experience, we instinctively know the best locations to mount your TV and I can advise you of your options. We will go through in fine detail with you once we have chosen the final location to make sure it will be at the correct height, providing the best and most comfortable experience possible from your TV screen.

Wall mount brackets

Don’t have the bracket? Not sure what bracket to purchase for your TV?

Just give us a call, we can discuss your TV make and size and we can supply you with the best and most appropriate wall mount bracket. We purchase them in bulk from our supplier so you get a quality bracket at a great price.

Concealed cables

TV screens that are professionally mounted to the wall do look great and will not only give you more room but will also give your home a neat and modern edge.

The key to providing the best possible experience from your wall mounted TV screen is to ensure all your cables are neatly concealed out of sight.

If you don’t have all the necessary cables, then we can provide professional quality materials at the best price to complete the installation.

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