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Antenna Relocation Services

We provide relocation of aerials and antennas for any residential or commercial property.

  • Antenna relocation

  • High mast removals

  • high mast installations Antenna relocation


If you need your antenna relocating due to a solar panel installation, give us a call. We won’t just move it out of the way, we’ll make sure that it’s installed in the best location possible to provide you with the same or an even better TV reception than you had before. We use digital reception test meters to ensure your aerial is receiving the best possible reception. We will also test and tune each and every one of your TVs to make sure you are receiving perfect pictures from all Freeview channels throughout your home.

High antenna mast removal

Antenna’s that are situated on high masts are usually installed due to the property being in low lying area, however most high masts are an eyesore and can make your property look ugly. In some cases they no longer need to be that high to receive quality digital reception as they were installed originally for the analogue signal. If you want to remove an ugly aerial and mast from your roof, give us a call. We will conduct a full signal quality test, advise you on relocation of your installation and dismantle and remove every single piece of your old mast leaving you with a picture as good as, or even better than before. But no more ugly roof.

High mast installations

Sometimes though, a high mast is essential for a good reception. If you live in a poor TV reception area known to the technicians as a TV reception black spot, maybe due to the property being in a dip or the line of site to the TV towers are obstructed by hilly terrain then you will most likely need to raise the antenna to a height that gives you the digital signal quality you need. As experts in this field, we can provide all the necessary equipment installed to the highest of safety standards.

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