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TV reception problems? We fix it fast!

To fix your TV reception call Riverina Antennas. We are digital TV signal experts and have all the gear and expert knowledge to repair any antenna system. Repairing and fixing your TV reception is easy when you know what you're doing. We're called upon by electricians, computer repairers, professional AV guys are even competitors to fix TV reception problems that have left them beaten. Fix your TV reception for good! Professional antenna installers are good at what they do because they do it every day. Call the professionals that teach and help the competitors to pave the way in TV reception repair.


Fault Finding

Are you experiencing?

Signal loss?


Can't tune in local channels?


Most signal problems are caused by one of the following:

- Cables and fly leads that are old, damaged or not plugged in properly

- A TV or set-top box that isn't tuned to the correct channels

- An antenna that isn't up to scratch or isn't pointing to the correct transmitter

- Areas with deficient coverage or fringe reception


- Trying to receive signals from outside the intended coverage area of a transmitter.


A service call from us can have the problem resolved.

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